Book - The Free Yourself Program

The book (now in its 5th edition) provides a systematic and holistic approach to dealing with problem gambling.  It provides simple and easy-to-follow strategies that can be applied “in the moment” when the gambling urge strikes.  There are many simple exercises that strengthen the “will-power” muscle to help in the fight against the gambling beast.  A step-by-step guide to eliminating gambling from your life!

“Despite this very mysterious and serious framework, the book is written in simple supportive language, is easy to follow and has an intuitive appeal.”
(Review by Louise Ajani in “Health Sharing Women” Vol. 10)

Price: $25.00
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CD - Gabriela's Story

This CD contains Gabriela’s story from how she started gambling on the poker machines through the development of the Free yourself Program and her eventual cure.

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CD - The Free Yourself Program

On the “Free Yourself Program” CD, Gabriela shares her journey that led to an understanding and cure for her own problem gambling. This CD will show you:

  • 5 mental strategies that allowed her to interrupt and then eliminate the vicious cycle of gambling behaviour.
  • 5 simple routines that will support the “new” you, without gambling.

In summary, you will see how to regain control of your life and be energised by a newfound freedom to be yourself.

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DVD - My Passionate Affair

This DVD shows Gabriela and her family sharing the story of how Gabriela’s Gambling Addiction affected their lives.  It talks about the process of “how” she got “hooked”, what impact the family experienced as a result of this addiction and what their life is like now that they have together conquered the “Gambling Beast”. A very moving and emotional story that shows the effects of a Gambling Addiction on the whole family.

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